What is "Tech Sales"?

Tech sales is unlike any other sales role out there. Instead of traditional sales roles where you sell directly to the consumer ("B2C"), you are selling to businesses ("B2B"). Because of this, the deal sizes are much bigger. Which means bigger commission checks and more money in your pocket.

This isn't anything like selling lawnmowers at your local Home Depot or TV's at your local electronics store. This is the real deal.

The stakes are high and so are the rewards. If you are ready to make six figures for the rest of your life, continue reading.

Low Barrier to Entry

All you need is a Bachelor's Degree OR 4+ years of working experience. If you have either of those, you are qualified. 

You DO NOT need to have any highly technical skills or tech certifications. If you know how to use a computer, you're in.

Pays Better than 95% of Sales Roles

Most sales roles are commission only. In the tech industry, you will receive a healthy base salary AND commission.

Also, because you'll be selling software to businesses (B2B), your deal sizes are significantly larger than when selling directly to consumers (B2C). This means BIGGER commission checks.

Software only needs to be made once and then it can be sold millions of times. Once the code is written, it's done. This makes selling for the tech industry one of the most lucrative careers in the world. In this world, you are selling software directly to businesses, making deal sizes and commission checks much larger than any other type of sale out there.

Work from Home, No Weekends, No Commute

Most tech companies are fully remote. This means you can work from home. Additionally, you will have work-life balance. This means plenty of vacation time, holidays, and weekends off. No two-hour commute. No working on Christmas Eve. 

Is Tech Sales right for YOU?

This career path is not for everyone. I want to be CLEAR about who is best positioned to benefit from this and pursue tech sales. 

What if I don't have a college degree?

If you don't have a college degree (bachelor's), you need 3-4 years of professional work history. The more related it is to sales, but better. But it is not required.

Do I need any sort certification, bootcamp, or tech background?

No. Tech sales is an entry-level role. Meaning, you will be trained, coached, and learn everything you need on the job. No Salesforce certifications or tech boot camps are required to successfully break into the tech industry. 

This is why this website exists. To teach you how to sell yourself well and land an offer.

What if I am not from the US?

US residency and citizenship are still required if you're going to work for a tech company that's based out of the US. Citizenship, tax, and immigration laws apply even though it's "remote" work. 

If you are not from the US, then you should at least be located in a city, state, or country that has a booming tech industry.

What if I don't have 3-4 years of work experience?

If you don't have a college degree or 3-4 years of work experience, I recommend other types of sales roles such as solar sales, high ticket sales, or car sales. Or any type of sales. Then, come back and take the courses. But first, go earn more work experience or finish up school.